Counseling Services


Stress is a normal part of life.  However, sometimes it can get out of control and we find ourselves experiencing symptoms of anxiety.  It can impair our functioning within our personal and professional lives.  The good news is that anxiety disorders repond well to therapy and clients can experience a great deal of relief .

Relationship Issues

Whether you are in the early stages of a relationship and want to start things off in a positive way or you have been in a committed union for several years, the benefits of therapy are clear.  It can be beneficial in fostering healthy communication and the development of deeper, more profound connections with our partners.

Life Adjustments & Transitions

Changes in our lives can be exciting, but they can also be disorienting and stressful.  Things like starting a new job, entering a fresh relationship or retiring from a long term career can all trigger strong emotional responses.

Coping with Health

Coping with a health concern requires an incredible amount of emotional energy and can have a huge impact not only on the individual affected, but on his or her entire social and family network. A holistic, therapeutic approach is critical in providing a comprehensive support. 

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